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Rugby history.

In 1984, on a ward at Winterton Hospital, a small group of student nurses discussed life before psychiatric nursing and what they missed since leaving their hometowns to take on the demands of student nursing.

To a man, they all waxed lyrical about a major void in their lives, namely rugby.

This got the group thinking, why not bring rugby to the hospital and village to fill the void?

Several months, meetings and advertising resulted in a new club being formed the following year, and Winterton Hospital rugby club became the newest club in Durham and Northumberland.

The group of players were a mix of old heads, old bodies and newbies to the game who had plenty of enthusiasm but little experience.

Shirts had been sourced from wellfield school and Durham county colts clubs, a pitch was found at the local school and after match refreshments were to be found at the hospital social club. 

Food comprised of sandwiches made by players prior to the match until the agreement was made with the hospitals catering department to provide a more professional level of hospitality

Games were fiercely contested however the first victory took time in coming and at the 5th attempt, a win was managed!

After a few years of friendlies, the club committed to a league and became an established member of the league, competing locally.

Over the years, the club grew to have two teams regularly and with the imminent closure of the hospital, renamed themselves Sedgefield RUFC.

With the closure of the social club, the club became nomads, siting the club in several local hostelries, as far as Bishop Middleham, until a more permanent base was found at the Black Lion in Sedgefield.

After several years the club moved again to the Hope Inn, where the opportunity to have their own room, as a clubhouse was too tempting an offer to refuse. Time and effort was made by the members to get the room useable and it was opened for the new years eve bash

Challenges on and off the pitch were commonplace, although a determined cohort of members kept things on an even keel until the winter of 1999.

Prior to the festive break, the firsts were sitting at the top of the league, in the semifinals of the cup. the seconds playing weekly and weekly events after the games were well attended.

For some reason, attendance for matches after the festive break dipped to such a degree, the second team folded and getting a first team on the pitch became increasingly difficult, with league games having to be forfeited.

At an extraordinary general meeting, the pressure of a few having to take the pressures both on and off the pitch, it was with reluctance that the committee closed the club and Sedgefield rugby club was no more.

Of note, several players who wanted to continue playing joined the local derby rivals Newton Aycliffe wherein the first year, they heavily influenced a promotion, which was followed in the next year by a further promotion.

Sedgefield District RUFC is a wonderful club to be a part of. A very distinct friendly atmosphere is present around the club at all times, making each day spent here a good one.
— Gerald McGill, Chairman